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streetlife finally getting controversial

Just over a week left till Hornchurch High Street Closes

Remember that on the 25th Feb the High Street will close between Billet Lane and North Street for an unknown amount of time
I'm with HornchurchLife

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 Ray H a day ago Upvote   Downvote  
This is lunacy!!  People who normally shop in Hornchurch will look for alternatives and it will take a long time to recover.  One of the shopkeepers said to me that other boroughs with funding for regeneration have ploughed the money into making the facade of the shopping offer more attractive.  Havering seem to think tearing up pavement tiles (has anybody watched them ripping up perfectly good tiles and pile them into lorries?)  and widening the pavements with presumably replacement tiles at huge cost, making it more difficult to drive around Hornchurch is going to make the town centre more attractive!!  They need psychiatric help!!
 Lynne T a day ago Upvote   Downvote  
For a long time now Ray H I have watched Havering rip up tiles and replace and I have no idea why they cannot reuse perfectly good tiles. The cobbles in Romford Market were an on going saga for sometime.
 For the best part of over 35 years I wondered why Squirrels Heath Lane never had any repairs and then a little while ago we had workman down there and nope absolutely no tiles not even second hand ones.
It was laid with tarmac with the expertise of a three year old. The lumps and bumps left all over the place that develope into huge puddles are beyond belief.
Looks like a well worn path of over thrty years already so no change there.
Do they not have any inspectors of works any more? I am sure with some decent quality workers all ripped up tiles could be used again. If not do they go to recycling yards and get any money back on them?
Also who do we buy these tiles from all the time and at what cost?

Michael Y a day ago Upvote   Downvote  
Another attempt by the tory council to con the residents of Hornchurch of their votes before the 2014 council elections,the same applies in Romford with the new pool and ice rink in the town centre.
The council have done next to nothing for years but now with the council elections looming, its an all out assault for votes with the poorly planned regeneration of Hornchurch, and the much needed and overdue sports centre in Romford.
I hope people judge the council over the whole period of office and are not fooled by a mad dash to the winning line on the home run.
 Diane B about 20 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
Why can't the council use the money to fill in the numerous amount of pot holes in the roads around the borough?  This is more important than replacing already perfectly good pavement tiles in the High Street.
 Paul K about 20 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
Why is it that we have to put up with this incompetence? It's not just Havering, but the whole country that's beset by idiots ruling the roost who know everything about politics and nothing about how the real world works. The answer seems to be that we have little choice when it comes to having our say. We choose one useless party or the other because we feel we can't do anything else. And we're stuck with them. We can't sack them, and I want to know why this is.

But we do have a choice: we, in Cranham, have elected independent councillors... ok the Residents' Association may be just a step away from being a political party but they're better than the other fools, who seem only to be interested in power and money grabbing.  We pay the council's inflated salaries and expense claims, and they respond by bullying us, the people who appointed them with cash cars, parking charges, etc. and wasting our money on crackpot schemes like the one being perpetrated in Hornchurch, money that could be spent on repairing and improving the roads.

Come the council elections, may I make a plea...? can we kick these idiots out and appoint a council with some semblance of common-sense.

Michael Y about 19 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
I agree the Independent parties deserve a chance lets see if they can do better than this council now,s the time to kick Michael White and his pals out.
This council have had ten years in charge ,and have been an absolute disaster,we pay the third highest council tax in london,they have presided over the decline of our once famous market and the run down of our town centres
 Whiskers about 17 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
On the subject of potholes in case you are unaware,you can use to report same.Or use the council website if you dare.
 John T about 16 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
That part of the High Street should be permanently pedestrianised. Nobody is allowed to park there, so a drive around by the Queens won't harm anybody.
 Paul K about 15 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
So, where does the traffic go after it's visited the theatre? And going via the hospital is too much of a detour. I can see the residents of Osborne Road loving the extra vehicles passing their doors: buses, artics, emergency services. The High Street is wide and designed to take the volume of traffic, hence its A-road designation. The traffic can't be rerouted, even temporarily. And a drive around by the Queens will use unnecessary extra fuel - not the greenest solution. Still as long as there are loonies out there we will continue to be entertained.
 JH about 14 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
All this b......y mess just for some jumped up bunch of town hall bigwigs to show off - i thought the councils were short of cash
John T about 13 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
Traffic finds another way - like water.
 Paul K about 13 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
When the river is blocked, the water floods the houses and destroys lives.
 John T about 13 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
Usually where morons have bought a house on a flood plain. The traffic around Trafalgar Square sorted itself out quite quickly and so too when Hammersmith Bridge was closed.
 Paul K about 12 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
So, everyone in Osborne road is a moron just because they bought a house that may have had all of Hornchurch's traffic going past it? Hm, kettle and pot methinks.
 Ray H about 11 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
I agree with Paul K to the extent that criticising each other is unhelpful.  However I do not agree with him about the Residents' Association.  In my experience they have been more inclined to be 'officer led' - that is by the so called experts - than any other Party (and they are a political Party whatever is said).  It is the so called experts who get us into this mess.  The traffic engineers who think that pedestrianisation is a wonderful idea for example.  When I was a Barking councillor many years ago the traffic engineers persuaded the council to go for pedestrianisation of Barking Town Centre.  Subsequently they lost their M&S and any good shops and now people drive around Barking and go somewhere else.  They did the same in my wife's home town of Stockton-on-Tees with the same result!  It is the planners and traffic engineers and other so called experts we need to rein in and re-assert political and community control over them.  That requires strong local politicians, who can control these oligarchs, which clearly Michael White and his Tories have not done.  Unfortunately they have been too focussed on how they can screw money from the local populace through parking restrictions, charges and fines and yes we need to get rid of them, but we need to think carefully about what we want as an alternative rather than believing that one Party replacing another will do the trick.  History tells us otherwise!  What we need is more people taking an active interest in what is happening in their community (rather than getting excited about a single issue only) and demanding a set of community rights and benefits that they expect their local representatives to support (irrespective of Party).  Many of those in EU countries such as France and Germany have much to teach us, but we have to care enough first!

John F about 4 hours ago Upvote   Downvote  
Unbelievable that the council is ripping up perfectly good paving and changing it - what for ??? Equally insane waste of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Completely agree about the many potholes being more of a priority.
The shops will also suffer through no fault of their own as everyone stays away. I've just started going back to Upminster - having stayed away because of the neverending roadworks on the hill. It used to take 35 mins to go 1.1 miles !! Anybody else notice that two of those evergreen square (and probably VERY expensive) trees they recently planted have already died ? Absolute and utter waste of money
If we learn from our mistakes, why aint I a genius, If you educate the masses where's the advantage for the few?

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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

John H 30 days ago
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Havering Council webcasting

Hello to everyone on here. I joined this local site on Saturday night 19th Jan.

I wonder if anyone could answer a question for me please?

How can Havering council justify spending £20,000 of our rate payers money, to web-cast, (putting on the Havering council site.) their council meetings.

As a teaching assistant who works in a special school i recently complained about the filthy state the school buses were in. I was told that as our council needs to save money, then the vehicles would only be washed  every 2 weeks. This would save £10,000 per year.

Could i suggest that our council scrap the web casts on its site, and spend THAT sum of money washing the buses that carry our children around the borough.

Regards to all, great site.

John H

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 Ken G 29 days ago Upvote   Downvote  
John H ,  they never did get their prioraties right.Spend on art and facelifting areas that are ok as they are instead of road repairs and cleaning.
 BarryVP 29 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
It cost £20,000!? Well I don't know exactly how they did it of course but that sounds like a lot of money, as in other words surely they could of done it cheaper, as in other words, did it really cost £10,000 and the rest went towards their own personal allowance....

J W 29 days ago Upvote   Downvote  
Barry would that be corruption think we are getting used to it now little we can do
 Ixion 29 days ago Upvote   Downvote  
Ask your councillor to get full accounts of how this money was spent or request the accounts as part of the freedom of information act.I doubt any corruption possibly poor control but no more.
 Sam B 29 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
im still shocked it costs so much but i still think we need a system of filming the sessions so as to use as evidence if anything in the future needs to be brought up ....

i will say though that there are many streaming services out there online that cost a few quid every month and do exactly the same job
 Whiskers 29 days ago Upvote   Downvote  
Funny enough I watched the webcast last night.Not wishing to be rude,but they didn't strike me as particularly dynamic.It can only get better!

John H 29 days ago Upvote3   Downvote  
I’m grateful for the comments posted on here.
I know that the local residents association are working hard to expose this type of council spending.
We all have some local issues that need attention, and all the council will say is that no funds are available. Havering council are not listening to us the rate payers.
I was able to meet with Councillor Michael White in October last year, At the Tesco store in Rainham. This was an impromptu meeting set up by this Councillor.  He wanted to meet the public.
I spoke to Councillor White and explained that I worked for the council, just like him.
( I’m a teaching assistant at a special needs school in Havering.)
I asked this gentleman to explain to me, why did the regeneration of Harold hill schools in Settle road Romford fall through-This was a plan to totally rebuild three schools in Settle road Romford, one of which was my own special needs school.
Councillor White explained to me that ‘this was nothing to do with him’. I needed to contact my local MP to raise this matter.
The coalition government had cancelled the spending for this project.
I pressed Councillor White and asked him why his colleagues in central government could spend £80,000,000 via the Department for international development (DFID) And give this cash to India when India has pledged to put a man in space by 2015.
You may ask me, what has this to do with our local politics. My answer is that local and national Conservatives cannot be trusted. They don’t give a damn about my special needs school that was built in 1955, and is made of wood. (a pre-fab)
  Just across the road from my school the government have spent £28,000,000 on the new Drapers Academy school which was opened by H.M. The Queen last year.
I explained to Councillor White that I would work very hard to punish him and his colleagues in Westminster at election time.
Councillor White asked me to give my name and address to his colleague, so that I may receive some feedback on this matter. I’M STILL WAITING.
I saw the arrival of Her Majesty on that exciting day; Councillor White was also at Drapers Academy too.
I feel very sad that The Queen was not able to cross the road and see my poor school; our children are no less deserving.
The moral of this story is that our local Conservative Council does not care. It will spend our money on web-casting or on the Olympics around Havering £75,000, and not on the things we need. Money is being wasted and we let it happen.

BarryVP 29 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
Precisely my intended implication J W but there is everything we can do. Have faith, they make it messy for us and time consuming but as suggested we can enquire how the money was spent in further detail and if not satisfied take other action, John H, I am sad to hear this...but I am sure you know though that the children you work with appreciate your work and hopefully other teachers do good work to keeping things going while attention is diverted to the latest money making scheme or whatever. I met Michael White only a few times, I don't mean to build a profile up having had so little communication but he struck me as very quiet and dare I say a little secretive...but may all of been misunderstood...maybe..
 Peps 28 days ago Upvote4   Downvote  
Going back to the topic £20,000 a year for web casting is absolutely absurd. There are plenty of open source options in order to do a regular webcast.

The real cost would be about £5000 and then you would get a really High quality steam / service. If it's not corruption they are getting fleeced by whichever company is providing the service.

This in turn suggest that the person in charge of the "technical" decisions is incompetent.
John H 26 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
There has to be something wrong when local and Westminster Conservative politicians become deaf to the needs of their voters.

Our tax and rate money will only go one way,

We as a country are going backwards, when no money can be found to rebuild a special needs school in Havering.  

This school which is a wooden building  is crumbling away.

 I'ts had some cash spent on it, but nothing like the vast amounts of money on the school across the road.

Councillor White explained to me that he  knew all about my school in settle road that i referred to.

 I'm not surprised  that he didn't ask HM The Queen to stroll across the road with him to look at my school on that day, as no one cares about special needs  children. They are forgotten.

I will continue to work very hard and give love and support to all the children at my school.
 angeldelight 26 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
John H, very interesting topic. Think you have touched just the tip of the iceberg. Dread to think of other ways more could be saved. I also think that figure for the webcasts is flabbergasting! Whomever is in charge of outsourcing does not realise how much things cost..... they are paying well over the odds!

John H 21 days ago Upvote2   Downvote  
Angel many thanks for posting your comment, And thank you to all the other folk who posted  on here too.

I have emailed our local Hornchurch and Upminster MP Dame Angela Watkinson.

I want to try and get some sort of debate going about where our money goes.

I know and understand that there are many people around the globe who have much less than we do in England, However the one question i want the politicians to answer is, How can you give our money away to others, when our own basic works, i.e special schools, and the roads are being badly let down.

We as a country have many jobs that need doing and attending to. It is utter bloody madness to give cash away that we simply do not have.

We urgently need a change of direction, to spend our own tax money at home.

If we as tax and rate payers discover politicians wasting our money, in local and in Westminster Government, then we should have the courage to vote these people out of office,and replace them with people who will put US FIRST.  Hopefully then we will all see some change.
 Poetlorry@ 16 days ago Upvote   Downvote  
the leaders blog watched by a very few can anyone justify the cost?
John H 6 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
I've heard nothing from the email i sent off to our local Hornchurch and Upminster MP Angela Watkinson, voicing concerns i had about the rebuilding of a special needs school in Settle Road Romford.
Therefore I've written a letter which i will send by old fashioned snail mail.

A copy below:

    Dear Angela Watkinson  
                                              As our member of parliament for Hornchurch and Upminster may I please ask, you, why has the Conservative coalition Government agreed to give more of our tax money away in aid?
I am reading in my newspaper that we are to give a further £21 million pounds in aid to Syria.  
This is in addition to the £ 80 million pounds we are to give to the Government of India, who have pledged to put a man in space by 2015.
I have sent an email to the Department for International Development. I have received a reply from an official who explains the Government policy to me. This official also explains the wonderful work that is being undertaken.
 May I respectfully ask you? Could not some equally wonderful work be undertaken in this country, with our own money?
As a 57 year old man who works as a teaching assistant in Havering, I find this incredible that we should give so much money away while basic work at home is not being done.

The coalition Government and local conservatives are not listening to the concerns of the people.

 I work in a special needs school in Romford. This school was built in 1955 and is a wooden pre-fabricated building. This building is crumbling away, and is in need of urgent replacement.

 Due to the rules of my employment I am not allowed to name my school.

On contacting the Conservative leader of Havering Council, Councillor Michael White, this gentlemen explained to me that the cancelling of the Settle Road building programme was’ Nothing to do with me’.

 Councillor White also promised to write to me at my home address to give me any information on this matter. To this date I have heard nothing from him, and from any of his colleagues.

The regeneration of Harold Hill which involved the re-building of three schools was cancelled on the orders of the new coalition Government.

 May I please ask you, why should the children in my school in the 21st Century find themselves in an old worn out building of the 1950s.  I can only assume it’s because the Coalition Government does not care.
I have always voted Conservative all my working life. I cannot understand how the Coalition government can justify putting other people first and our own people last.

I will continue to work very hard for the children of my school.

 I will also work very hard to argue and explain to the people in my own community, that we should throw out Mr Cameron and all his colleagues, and replace them with people, who will listen and put our own citizens first.

I wonder if i will get a reply to this one.
 Lynne T 5 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
Good luck John H with your never ending fight for your school. Hope somebody out there is listening and actually cares.
 Ken G 5 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
John H, my heart goes out to you.You are obviously a sincere and honest man and I hope you get a positive response to your letters but I fear you wont im sorry to say. Its so obvious to the ordinary person in the street what is wrong with this country but the powers that be dont want to listen
     Ive seen consecutive governments over the last 50 or 60 years do everything in their power to bring this country to its knees to the state we are in today.Ive had a minor interest in politics all my adult life but have now come to the conclusion that they are all as bad as each other.About time we give UKIP a chance.They cant do any worse than the others!

John H 5 days ago Upvote1   Downvote  
Thank you Lynne T.
Although as a married man I have no children of my own, the children at my school feel like my own. I have to put their needs and welfare first, and I have to argue and shout for them too.
If I do nothing, then nothing will change. Our children will come into our school at age 4 and then leave at age 16, with no chance for anything, as you may have already seen on another post on here. (A lady posted about her Autistic son aged 20)  
I will continue to do my best and work as hard as I can for them, bless them all.
Ken G Many thanks.
I have to feel concerned when I see things going backwards in our country.
 I know and understand that many people around the world are needy, but then so are some of our own people.
We have to put our people first, otherwise there will be no cash to support young Autistic people, or any money left for anything else, our political masters will fritter it all away.
Yes I’ll give Ukip a try at the next polling day, we must have change and soon.
 John H about 12 hours ago Upvote1   Downvote  

I wrote the above letter out, and I took it to the Conservative constituency office at 23 Butts Green Road
.( last Friday afternoon)

I was met at the door by a very nice woman who inquired, ' Can i help you'  Oh yes i said,  I think you can.

I handed over the letter and departed.

 ( fingers crossed, hope i get some explanation for my questions.)
If we learn from our mistakes, why aint I a genius, If you educate the masses where's the advantage for the few?

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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

confused of hornchurch

Struth, Streetlife is getting more disgruntled posters than 'Angry'.

If that carries on the council will be trying to find ways of shutting that forum down too.

Whilst on the subject of the 'Hornchurch High Street Regeneration' apart from my sympathy for the traders that will go to the wall during the reconstruction it may be an idea to do something a bit better with the trench in the road where North Street meets the High Street.

I thought I had ripped my front suspension off when I hit it the other morning, and I notice that it has now had some asphalt chucked into the trench to try improve matters.

The High Street is starting to resemble a war zone and I doubt it will ever be the same again, even after the works have finished.
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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

I went in a pot hole near the Archers in Main Road the other night and it really whacked, I was doing under 30 and thought it had done damage, it's hubby's absolute hate and I could hear him sucking his breath as it can mean a cracked alloy and winds him up when the pot holes are so awful.
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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

Having just got back from Malta I think we are lucky our streets are so good.The council will improve Hornchurch and we all benefit.All hail our councillors.
“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

Utter toffee pericles.

Perhaps you should have stayed in Malta.
Refugees do not have the right to demand but should accept the blessings bestowed upon them gracefully by nations extending the hand of friendship.
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Re: streetlife finally getting controversial

or stayed as ixion
If we learn from our mistakes, why aint I a genius, If you educate the masses where's the advantage for the few?