Tescos expanding into India.

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Tescos expanding into India.

Tesco calls on Cameron to aid Indian growthTesco is poised to make a decision on the size of a potential multi-billion pound investment in India following representations by David Cameron as part of a UK trade mission.

Hmmm that's where all our foreign aid money went-on infrastructure, eg roads and airports for Daves mates expansion projects

Also there is the straight swap arranged and planned by the EU for Indian employees to have preferential access to jobs in the EU area, primarily the UK because most Indians speak English - in return for corporations to have access to the Indian domestic market.  Intra Company Transfers I think they are called.  

By preferential I mean it is cheaper for employers to recruit from India because they will pay considerably less tax than if they employed a British worker.  Under this scheme they do not have to advertize in this country.  

See how it already affects IT workers...

Cameron is a devious and sly slimeball.    
If you try to cure evil with evil-you will add more pain to your fate.