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confused of hornchurch

Not unless they park on a yellow line, in which case, justice will be swift.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Stabbed teenage boy, 16, enters college in Westminster with knife wounds after daylight street attack
Police were called to Westminster Kingsway College just before 3pm and said a 16-year-old had been taken to hospital with stab wounds

ByJamie Bullen
15:56, 17 NOV 2017Updated19:23, 17 NOV 2017

Police and paramedics outside Westminster Kingsway College

A teenage boy has been stabbed near a college in central London.
Police were called to Westminster Kingsway College just before 3pm and said a 16-year-old had been taken to hospital with stab wounds.

Scotland Yard said it was waiting for an update on the teen's condition but it is not believed his injuries are life-threatening.
A photograph shared on Twitter show police cars and paramedics outside the college as rescuers 'rushed' inside.

A Westminster Kingsway College spokesman told Mirror Online the boy was stabbed outside the college before entering the grounds where he received medical attention.
He also said the college was not evacuated following reports on Twitter.
A Met spokesman said: "Police were called at 2:56pm on Friday to reports of a stabbing at a college in Grays Inn Road.
"Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and found a 16-year-old male suffering stab injuries.
"He has been taken to a central London hospital. We await an update on his condition.
"No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue."
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Lawless Britain.

Pictured: two young men stabbed to death in London within hours of each other
The number of teenagers slain in the capital is now double the figure of 12 in the whole of last year
Daniel O’Mahony
Barney Davis
9 hours ago
The Evening Standard

Jason Isaacs, pictured with his parents, died yesterday after three days in a coma
These are the faces of the latest teenage victims of London’s knife crime epidemic who died within hours of each other in hospital.
Jason Isaacs and Kacem Mokrane, both 18, were killed following separate suspected gang attacks near their homes in north and west London.  
Mr Isaacs, a student, died yesterday after three days in a coma following an assault by moped riders less than half a mile from where he lived in Northolt. 

Less than 24 hours earlier, talented footballer Mr Mokrane succumbed to his injuries, two days after being stabbed in the stomach on a quiet street in Walthamstow.

Talented footballer Kacem Mokran died two days after being stabbed in Walthamstow
They are the 23rd and 24th teenagers to be violently killed in London this year, 18 of whom have been stabbed.
The number of teenagers slain in the capital is now double the figure of 12 in the whole of last year.

Today the families of the latest victims spoke of their devastation, with Mr Mokrane’s grandmother Marlene Sutton pleading: “We don’t want others to go through what we have.”
Her desperate appeal came after another day of bloodshed on London’s streets yesterday.

Police at the scene of the stabbing in Northolt (Nigel Howard)
A 20-year-old man was rushed to hospital after being stabbed and shot in the face and stomach shortly after 8pm in Wood Green.
A 24-year-old man is fighting for life in hospital following a triple stabbing in a fight at about 6.30pm in Thornton Heath in south London. 
There were further stabbings in West Norwood and Hounslow.
Mr Isaacs was fatally wounded after being ambushed by a gang on two scooters and stabbed multiple times in what police described as a “pre-planned attack” by youths armed with a large knife.
The assailants returned to their scooters and fled following the attack at 10.30pm on Saturday in Newnham Close  –  the same street where Mr Isaac’s close friend Abdullahi Tarabi, 19, was stabbed to death in April.
A 17-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the attack and bailed pending further investigation. 
Speaking through tears, Mr Isaac’s mother Sharon Kendall revealed her “popular” son had been working as a labourer while studying for an apprenticeship.
She said: “He died in the exact same spot his good friend was killed. He was heartbroken about that, I just can’t believe it. He was a kid and deserved to grow up to be a man.
“He was such a hard worker and liked his own money, he was so independent. He had so many friends come and visit him in hospital. I had no idea he was so popular. So many people have been affected by his death.
“Knife crime is not going to stop. It’s going to get worse, sadly, and there will be another grieving mother feeling my pain.” 
Mr Isaac’s father Steven announced that his son had lost his battle for life in an emotional Facebook post.
He wrote: “We all love you so much, thanks for being a great son, brother, cousin and friend to everyone.
“You made us all so proud. Love you like the big blue sky.”
Mr Mokrane, a former player for Leyton Orient Football Club’s Centre of Excellence youth program, was attacked by a group of armed men on Mount Pleasant Road just minutes after leaving a family dinner at about 11.15pm on Thursday.
He was rushed to hospital and placed in an induced coma before dying on Monday, less than three weeks after his 18th birthday. 
His grandmother Ms Sutton said: “We were there by his side the whole time. We never left him. We wouldn’t leave.
“Everyone is absolutely devastated. His mother can’t come out of the bedroom. His brother’s locked himself in his bedroom and won’t come out.”
Ms Sutton said the family did not know why Mr Mokrane was attacked, adding: “There’s all sorts of stories flying around. Someone said they were waiting for anyone that passed.
“He had ordered a takeaway pizza for everybody, and then went out the door whistling with his slice of pizza. He was on his own. Then ten minutes later he had been stabbed.
“He called his brother to say he had been hurt, he didn’t say he’d been stabbed. I ran down there in my dressing gown. The state he was in, you just wouldn’t believe it.”
One of six siblings, Mr Mokrane had attended nearby Walthamstow Academy before embarking on a football apprenticeship in Thamesmead, southeast London. 
His grandmother said: “He was the liveliest one in the house. He was the heart and soul. He was friends with everybody. He didn’t see colour, he didn’t see race. Everyone adored him.
“It’s been horrendous. I said to all his friends that came to visit him in hospital, do not go out with knives. I said we don’t want any revenge, we just want the person or people who did this to face justice.
“We don’t want others to go through what we have. We’re distraught.”
Murder detectives are appealing for witnesses to both attacks to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

The safe streets of Dagenham.

Weapons-obsessed predator, 26, who stabbed a newlywed City worker in the head and between the legs in random 'sadistic' attack which left her in a permanent coma is jailed for life
Qingqing Rao was attacked by Barry Peacham as she walked home from work 
Peacham, who did not know Ms Rao, plunged a knife into her head and mutilated her
The 26-year-old then stole her handbag, mobile phone and laptop computer
Ms Rao, who is just 5ft 3in, was found lying unconscious by a path in Castle Green Park in Dagenham, east London, having suffered 'catastrophic' injuries
Following the attack on February 13 she has been in a persistent vegetative state
Peacham was found guilty of wounding with intent and robbery following a trial 
Weapons-obsessed Peacham was today jailed for a minimum term of nine years
By Stewart Paterson For Mailonline
Published: 12:30, 24 November 2017 | Updated: 17:56, 24 November 2017

A weapons-obsessed sadist who left a City business analyst in a permanent coma after a 'cowardly and sadistic' knife attack has been jailed for life.
Barry Peacham, 26, stabbed Qingqing Rao, 29, in the head and between the legs before grabbing her handbag as she walked home through Castle Green Park, Dagenham, east London.
Newlywed Ms Rao, who was minutes away from her home when she was attacked, remains in a permanent vegetative state and is unlikely to ever recover.
Peacham had waited until Ms Rao walked through the park on her own before pouncing with brutal knife slashes at just after 9.45pm on 13 February.
He tried to distance himself from the savage attack by dumping Ms Rao's laptop, bank cards and iPhone down drains near the scene of the crime.

Qingqing Rao was left lying in the park with traumatic brain injuries and stab wounds until a passer by spotted her and called 999 at 9.51pm. Peacham  was found guilty of wounding with intent and robbery after a trial at the Old Bailey
But he was so confident nobody had witnessed the attack Peacham that he changed clothes and returned to the park with his girlfriend's mother's dog later that night.
Ms Rao was left lying in the park with traumatic brain injuries and stab wounds until a passer by spotted her and called 999 at 9.51pm. 
Peacham, who has previous convictions for robbery and possessing offensive weapons, bragged to his friends: 'I stabbed her multiple times' days after the attack.
But he denied involvement when prosecutors linked him to the attack through 'circumstantial evidence' in what police described as a 'crime of pure evil.'
Sentencing Peacham to at least nine years behind bars, Judge Anne Molyneux said Qingqing's mother described a feeling of 'permanent shadow', adding: 'Your actions have destroyed her life and that if her family.' 

Read more: 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch
Lawless Britain.

Officers are now letting SUSPECTS go and 'hoping for the best,' says Police Chief
POLICE officers are now reluctant to make arrests because of the closure of custody suites which means long trips to the nearest cells.
By Thomas Mackie
PUBLISHED: 02:52, Sat, Nov 25, 2017 | UPDATED: 05:17, Sat, Nov 25, 2017

Police officers are now letting SUSPECTS go
Since 2010, the number of custody suites in England is estimated to have fallen by as much as 50 per cent.
However, the number of arrests made has also dramatically fallen from 1.5 million to just under 780,000 since March 2008.

Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation, said: “There has been a change in the mindset of many officers not to arrest unless they absolutely have to.
Gloucestershire only has one suite to cover the whole of the county while Nottinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Wiltshire have just two each.

“What is going through their mind is that ‘this person needs arresting, but there is no one left on the ground, is there going to be something else more pressing that I might have to deal with?”
“So what they are doing is letting someone off with a warning and hoping for the best.
"Hoping for the best that person does not go on to do something terrible.”
The former Labour home secretary, Lord David Blunkett, asked why Philip Hammond did not make more money available in his Budget to keep custody suites open or upgrade existing ones.

Senior officer suspended amid ‘criminal and misconduct allegations’
He said: “Scrapping custody suites cost more in the long-term because you have to transport people around while taking police off frontline duties.”
“Arrests are bound to tumble because police know that in making an arrest they are taking themselves out of action.”
Labour's Yvette Cooper, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, said: “For some officers to end up spending half their shift driving those they do arrest to custody suites miles out of their area is crazy.”
In Wiltshire, officers complained that they were having to make two-hour round trips from Salisbury to the nearest custody suite in Melksham which is 30 miles away.

The number of custody suites have fallen
The police cells in Yeovil were shut earlier this year and offenders are now driven 25 miles to Bridgwater which takes nearly an hour.
Essex police closed a custody suite in Basildon, however, this is expected to reopen after a three-month trial was unpopular with police officers and residents.
Meanwhile, police data has recently revealed that vehicle vandalism in England and Wales has jumped up by 10 per cent.

Some 210,000 vehicles suffered criminal damage such as smashed windows, slashed tyres and broken windscreen wipers in 2016, compared with 191,000 in 2013, according to data obtained by RAC Insurance.
The actual figures are believed to be considerably higher as many motorists do not report incidents as they fear it would cause their next insurance premiums to soar.
Drivers have suffered the largest spike in vandalism in Greater Manchester, with the area's police force recording a 37 per cent rise.
Hertfordshire Constabulary and West Yorkshire Police had the joint second largest increase at 25 per cent.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Child knife deaths in England and Wales set for nine-year peak.
Guardian obtains official figures showing that this year, in which 35 children and teenagers have been killed, is likely to be worst since 2008

Caelainn Barr Data journalist
Tuesday 28 November 2017 17.33 GMT
Last modified on Tuesday 28 November 2017 18.57 GMT
Knife crime has killed 35 children and teenagers in England and Wales so far this year, meaning that 2017 is likely to be the worst year for such deaths in nearly a decade.
Official figures exclusively obtained by the Guardian show that this year will be the worst since 2008 when 42 young people aged 19 and under lost their lives as a result of an attack with a knife.

Sarah Jones, the Labour MP for Croydon Central and chair of the all-party parliamentary group on knife crime, said: “These figures confirm that this is a public health crisis and we need intervention now, with a 10-year plan to tackle the causes as well as the crime.”
The data was released to the Guardian following a 10-month negotiation with the Home Office and 45 police forces. It was obtained as part of Beyond the Blade, a year-long Guardian project to document the death of every child and teenager killed by a knife in the UK.
Despite knife crime among young people being a much-debated topic in recent years, the detailed figures have not previously been made publicly available. They show that the worst year for deaths by knife crime was 2007, when 48 children and young people died, meaning that 2017 will be the third worst year since 1977.
The first three young people killed by knives in 2017 were all white girls outside London. Seven-year-old Katie Rough was the first young fatal victim of knife crime this year. Her killer who was 15 at the time of the murder, was given a life sentence with a minimum detention of five years, after her own lawyer said there was no other clear means of protecting the public.
The court heard a full psychiatric assessment had been requested for her killer, and the possibility of psychosis was flagged a month before Katie’s death, yet no investigation was carried out.
The figures emerge amid a wider context of rising crime. There has been a 13% increase in police recorded crime in England and Wales and a 20% rise in “violence against the person” in the year to June 2017.
“Over nearly 40 years since 1977, some 1,000 young people died after being stabbed – around one young person every fortnight,” said Richard Garside, director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. “This has been pretty consistent over time, regardless of policing tactics or the toughening up of sentencing policy. Indeed, the numbers of young people dying from stab wounds have risen as sentencing policy has toughened over recent years.”
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Lawless Britain.

Police hunt serial sex attacker who has struck at least 25 times across south London
The latest attack was on a 15-year-old girl in Brockley
Justin davenport
22 minutes ago

The Evening Standard
A serial sex attacker preying on young women and schoolgirls in south London has now struck at least 25 times, police revealed today.
The sex predator is wanted for offences committed across five London boroughs over the past 13 months.
The latest attack took place on Wednesday last week when a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Brockley as she walked to school at 08.30am.

Police say the incident was caught on CCTV and detectives today released images of a man they wish to speak to in connection with the attacks.

Appeal: Police have released CCTV images of a man they wish to speak to over the attacks (Met Police)
Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Furphy, who is leading the investigation, said: “These offences have been traumatic for the victims, all of whom have been young females going about their daily lives.
“This is a significant number of offences and we need the public’s help to identify the man responsible. He needs to be taken of the streets as soon as possible.”

The suspect is described as a middle-aged white man aged in his 40s, with blue eyes.

CCTV appeal after attack in Brockley
Previously police said they believed they were dealing with around 10 linked assaults but a review of other sexual assaults across south London has led detectives to increase the number significantly.
The sex attacker is now thought to have struck in Southwark, Bromley and Bexley as well as Lewisham and Greenwich.

The suspect is described as a middle-aged white man aged in his 40s (Met Police)
All the attacks have taken place in the rush hour either in the morning or the evening and none have occurred at the weekend.
Police have increased patrols in the areas where offences have been reported and officers are working with local schools to reassure pupils and parents.

Officers are investigating up to 25 sexual assaults committed in south London (Met Police)
The first attack took place on October 16 last year when a 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Foxfield Road, Orpington.
The latest assault took place last Wednesday when a 15-year-old schoolgirl was grabbed as she walked down Sandbourne Road in Brockley.
DCI Furphy said : “Our officers have been working tirelessly to apprehend the suspect, but we need the public’s help. CCTV shows footage of a male that we would like to speak to who we believe may be able to assist our investigation. If this is you or if you know who this person is, please contact us.
 “We are also aware that there are probably further victims who have not goen to the police and we would urge them to come forward. Any victim will be treated with sensitivity and in confidence. The more information I have the better.

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of sexual touching. One has been released with no further action. A second man was released under investigation.
In the past the father of one of the victims has spoke of the trauma suffered by his daughter. He said : “This assault has upset and frightened our 11-year-old daughter immensely. This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and has had far-reaching implications upon her mental state.
“Our daughter and her friends are now scared to walk to school on their own. We appeal to anyone to come forward if you know or suspect you know this person.”
Anyone with information should call the incident room on 0208 284 8346 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Just another Friday night on Britain's lawless streets.

BREAKING: Car ploughs into crowd in London leaving 5 pedestrians injured
A CAR has hit pedestrians in London and left five people injured.

By Tom Towers / Published 2nd December 2017
Several injured after car ploughs into pedestrians in south London

Five men – aged between 23 and 42 – were rushed to hospital after the incident in Brixton, south London, around 3am this morning.
The car, a VW Golf, was abandoned at the scene and its passengers made off on foot. 
It is thought the incident occurred after an altercation between the passengers and a number of people on Stockwell Road.
Pictures from the scene show debris scattered across the street as emergency services arrive. 

AFTERMATH: The incident happened around 3am this morning

AT THE SCENE: Debris was left scattered across Stockwell Road after the accident
CASUALTY: A victim is treated at the side of the road by paramedics
Police have yet to make an arrest as the investigation continues.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called at approximately 3am on Saturday, December 2 to reports of a car in collision with a number of pedestrians in Stockwell Road, near the junction of Sidney Street, SW9.
“This is not being treated as a terrorist incident. Officers and London Ambulance Service are on scene.
The road has been closed as cops investigate and buses are taking diverted routes.
 COLLISION: The crash is believed to have occurred following an altercation
ABANDONED: Airbags are seen deployed inside the VW Golf, left at the scene
Transport for London issued this statement: “Stockwell Road is closed both ways between Sidney Road and Stockwell Park Walk following an overnight police incident and police investigation.
“Traffic is currently flowing well locally on diversion in the area though delays may occur later.”
Witnesses should call Lambeth CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

The safe streets of London. Time to close some more police stations?

Gang armed with samurai sword and machetes in smash-and-grab raid on Fleet Street watch boutique

Justin davenport
John Dunne
Eleanor Rose
30 minutes ago

The Evening Standard

A moped gang snatched thousands of pounds worth of watches after storming into a City store armed with a samurai sword, knives and iron bars this morning.
The gang used a moped to crash through the glass front door of the Chronext shop on Fleet Street shortly before 11am. 
Terrified staff ran for cover as the gang burst in, one of them waving a huge samurai sword while others brandished a knife and iron bars.  

One of the gang members armed with a large knife 
Dressed in dark clothing and black helmets the gang snatched bundles of expensive watches in a raid that lasted a just a few minutes.
One witness said : “There was a Vespa inside the shop because they drove it through the front door.

One of the gang appeared to be brandishing a samurai sword
“I saw about five mopeds parked up on the pavement and the street outside and thwere three guys walking up and down, one with a machete and two others with what looked like long sticks.

“There were others inside the store smashing the cabinets and grabbing loads of watches and stuffing them into bags. 
“One guy came out of another shop as if to confront them but the bloke with the machete threatened him and he backed off.
"They all jumped on their scooters and punched the air with their fists in a victory punch before driving off towards the Law Courts.  It was seriously organised.”

The raid took place in broad daylight in front of shocked bystanders 
The witness, who did not want to be named, added: “It took the police at least 13 minutes to get here which is a bit lame in this day and age.”
Another witness said: "A man came out of a shop, looking as if he was going to try to intervene, and one of the guys came out and raised a knife and tried to intimidate him. He was waving his hand over his head, going towards him.
"They came outside with bags.
"Then they made off towards the Royal Courts of Justice, pumping their fists in the air like some kind of victory.
"There are about 40 people here in my office. It was very frightening – people were crying in the office.
"It was like something you see on Netflix or in the movies."
Video posted on Twitter shows the raid with one of the mopeds patrolling the road outside to spot for police cars while others armed with knives and the sword stand guard.
The raid comes as police are battling an epidemic of moped robberies, snatches and smash and grab raids across London. 
Chronext said in a statement that they are "working with the London Metropolitan police to recover stolen watches and bring the perpetrators to justice."
"Chronext will continue to safeguard its customers and stock. Our focus now is on our shop staff who are thankfully unharmed," said a spokeswoman.
A City of London police spokesman said : “City of London Police were called at 10.52am on Monday 4 December to reports of suspects on mopeds entering a jewellers on Fleet Street. “The suspects smashed their way into the jewellers brandishing weapons, including knives, before making off on mopeds. 
“Officers are on scene. No one was injured during the incident. “
There have been no arrests.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Woolwich raid: Armed police storm flat and arrest man in counter-terror swoop in south-east London

Ella Wills
1 hour ago

The Evening Standard

Counter terror police in London (file photo) Getty Images
Armed police stormed a flat and arrested a man during a counter-terror operation in south-east London, witnesses said. 
Counter-terror officers detained a 21-year-old man at an address in Woolwich on Tuesday afternoon, Scotland Yard said.
Police confirmed a 27-year-old woman had also been arrested as part of the same investigation when she was stopped by police in a vehicle in a nearby street.

Witnesses described hearing a “loud bang” and seeing a large armed police presence outside a block of flats near to Edge Hill.
One man, who asked not to be named, said that police officers “smashed in the door of a flat” at around midday. He said he heard “a loud bang followed by three smaller ones” from the flat opposite to his home at 12.30pm.

Witnesses said they saw police officers near to Sandy Hill and Edge Hill in Woolwich (Google Maps)
The witness said: “We went to the back window and saw 10 to 15 heavily armed police officers... had smashed in the door of a flat opposite.

“They were inside for a few minutes as more vehicles turned up with plain-clothed officers and detectives. A barefoot man was led out."
The witness added: “The road was taped off as further officers looked around the local area.”
Another witness, Nigel Hewitt, 49, said he heard a “loud bang" that sounded like "a bomb or a stunt grenade" from his friend’s flat near to Sandy Hill.
Mr Hewitt, from Reading, said he saw “police stood around the door” of a third floor flat near to the Co-op supermarket.
The wholesale manager said there were around 20 officers at the scene, and various police vehicles, including a large van.

A spokesperson for Met Police said: “Officers have this afternoon (December 5) executed a search warrant at an address south-east London.
“This was carried out with the assistance of armed officers and is part of an on-going investigation by the Met's Counter Terrorism Command and 21-year-old man was arrested at the address.
“Officers continue to carry out a search at the address.
“A 27-year-old woman was also arrested earlier today as part of the same investigation after she was stopped by police in a vehicle in a nearby street.”
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Undercover police “snatch and grab” squads are dragging suspected moped thieves off bikes to combat the growing crime

 Nicola Harley
6 December 2017 • 7:13pm

Undercover police “snatch and grab” squads are dragging suspected moped thieves off bikes to combat the growing crime trend.
Officers are using the new tactic to tackle the rise in attacks by moped thieves and to avoid the risks posed of pursuing them at speed through the streets.
Dressed in plain clothes, the undercover teams are targeting the gangs as they try and escape in slow traffic.
Once the criminals are forced to stop their vehicles in stationary traffic, the officers pounce.
It comes amid a huge rise in moped crimes which saw more than 20 people attacked on Monday.

Moped gangs armed with machetes have been terrorising the public just yards from Prince George's future primary school. Credit: PA
The attacks included four men riding two mopeds who stole mobile phones from pedestrians in Islington and Camden and seven men armed with swords who were involved in a smash and grab robbery on a jewellery store in Fleet Street.
Detective Superintendent Jess Ruddell, of Westminster Police, who has brought in the snatch squads, told the Evening Standard: “This new tactic works and sends out a message that police are willing to do this and tackle these suspects. 
“This is hugely manpower intensive but we are absolutely committed to getting on top of this offending. We are deploying covert and overt tactics to tackle these robberies.”

Scotland Yard are using stinger devices to deflate the tyres of suspects and a forensic spray to mark them so they can be identified later.
Sergeant Matt Carey, of the Operation Venice team which targets moped-enabled crime, told the paper: ”The pinch points are where traffic slows down to a halt, where they have to walk their bikes through. 
“They know they are at risk there but there is pretty much nothing they can do about it once they are boxed in by other vehicles.
“Once they are in that position this is where we jump out and remove them from their bikes. If the risk is too high and they are travelling at speed we will not do it.”
Officers on the ground identify targets by looking for moped riders with passenger who commit traffic offences such as jumping red lights.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch
Britain sets another record.

Record 400 arrests for terrorism in Britain in 2017, official figures show
Justin davenport
NIcholas Cecil
1 hour ago

The Evening Standard

The number of suspects arrested in terrorism investigations in Britain has reached a record high, official figures revealed today. 
A total of 400 people were held for terror-related offences in Britain in the year to the end of September - a 54 per cent jump on the previous 12 months. 
This was the highest tally since data collection started in 2001 with figures also revealing that 58 of those held were female - the highest number on record.

The Home Office said the increase was partly due to a large number of arrests made following terrorist attacks in London and Manchester this year.
The figures show that 115 arrests - or 29 per cent - resulted in charges of which 97 were terror-related. A total of 213 people were released without charge, 60 were released on bail pending further investigation and 11 faced “alternative action.” One case was described as pending.
Security Minister Ben Wallace said police and security services “have been clear that we are facing a shift rather than a short-term spike in the terrorist threat”.

He added: “The whole of society must come together to challenge the terrorist threat.
“The public must remain alert but not alarmed and report any suspicions they have about unusual activity or behaviour to the appropriate authorities.”
Counter-terror agencies believe the scale of the threat facing the country is unprecedented. 
Britain was hit by five attacks between March and September, four of them in London, while authorities are mounting more operations to disrupt suspected terrorist planning.
The figures come just days after MI5’s Director General Andrew Parker revealed that nine terror plots had been foiled in the UK in the past year.
He warned that now Islamic State forces had been defeated in Iraq and Syria the terror group was calling for attacks to be carried out on British soil.

The figures revealed there were year-on-year increases in the number of arrests for terrorism-related offences across all age groups and ethnic groups, including a 77% rise in the number of white suspects held, from 81 to 143.
They show an annual jump of more than a third in arrests linked to international terrorism, from 212 to 292, such as Islamic State. 
There was also a leap in arrests for “domestic” terrorism, up from 20 in the year to September 2016 to 73 in the latest period and a further five in connection to Northern Ireland.
Domestic terrorism refers to activity where there are no links to either Northern Ireland-related or international terrorism. 

Many of the record number of terror arrests related to the unprecedented attacks on London and Manchester this year.
There were 12 arrests following the Westminster attack in which Khalid Masood drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge killing four people people before stabbing police officer Keith Palmer to death as he protected the House of Commons.

A total of 21 people were arrested after three extremists went on a stabbing rampage in the London Bridge and Borough Market attack in which eight people were killed. 
One person was held after the Finsbury Park attack in which one person died and seven held after the Parsons Green Tube bomb.
Mr Wallace said the Government was reviewing its counter-terrorism strategy in light of recent attacks to ensure we meet the threat from terrorism now and in the future.
Britain’s terror threat level remains at ‘severe’ meaning an attack an highly likely.
The number of “live” operations being run by MI5 and police has surged by a third since the beginning of this year to well over 500.

These probes involve around 3,000 “subjects of interest”, while there is a further pool of more than 20,000 individuals who have previously been investigated.
Earlier this week an official assessment revealed the ringleader of the London Bridge rampage was being “actively” investigated at the time of the atrocity.
It also found that the Manchester bombing in May could have been stopped “had the cards fallen differently”.
The Home Office announcement came as Downing Street this morning stopped short of backing Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson’s stance that British jihadists who have fought for Islamic State shoud be barred from returning to the UK - and instead be hunted down and killed.
Mr Williamson, the former Chief Whip, told the Daily Mail: “I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country. We should do everything we can do to destroy and eliminate that threat.”
The hardline approach put Mr Williamson at odds with the Government’s anti-terror watchdog.
Max Hill QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, has argued that the authorities should look to “reintegrate” the “young” and “naive” jihadis who travel to warzones, rather than prosecute them, on their return to the country.
He warned of “losing a generation” of men and women by automatically using the courts to punish them.
A No10 source said this morning: “As the Government has always made clear, anyone choosing to go to Iraq and Syria and fight with our enemies is making themselves a legitimate target.
“We have a series of powers to deal with foreign fighters seeking to return to the UK, including the removal of passports.”
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Murder hunt as schoolboy is knifed to death in Herts town
Emergency services were scrambled to Waltham Cross last night after the boy was knifed near a primary school but sadly he couldn't be saved
By Holly Christodoulou
8th December 2017, 5:07 pm

A MURDER probe has been launched after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death near a primary school.
Emergency services were scrambled but paramedics were unable to save the teen and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

A murder probe has been launched after a 15-year-old boy was found stabbed to death
Hertfordshire Police launched a murder inquiry after the horror last night in Waltham Cross close to Hurst Drive Primary School.

They are appealing for witnesses and working closely with the victim’s family to establish what happened.
A spokesman said: “Officers were called at 9:30pm yesterday to Hurst Drive, Waltham Cross, to reports of a stabbing.
“The victim, a 15-year-old boy, was treated by paramedics but was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

Survivors of one of Britain's worst child abuse scandals promised groundbreaking £100m compensation
Lambeth council secured the funding following a campaign by the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association

ByTom Pettifor
20:52, 8 DEC 2017

The children abused were residents of Shirley Oaks Children’s Home in south London (Image:

Survivors of one of Britain's worst child abuse scandals have been promised a groundbreaking £100million compensation scheme.
Lambeth council secured the funding following a campaign by the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association.

It means that an estimated 3,000 of people who grew up in its care at Shirley Oaks and other homes could be entitled to up £125,000 each.
Though SOSA welcomed the funding, the organisation refused to accept the proposed system of redress which will be done by council rather than an independent body.

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association founder Raymond Stevenson at the unveiling of an interim report on findings by the "Shirley Oaks Survivors Association" 12 months ago (Image: Getty Images Europe)
Read More
Labour MP Chuka Umunna demands new probe on death of Shirley Oaks abuse victim Peter Davis
Raymond Stevenson, a former resident of Shirley Oaks in Croydon and SOSA spokesman, said: “We can't have the same [council] that committed the crime being in charge of the redress scheme.
“This has never been about the money, it is about justice. And we don’t have any faith in Lambeth council to administer the compensation fairly. It needs to be an independent team.
“Lambeth is asking people to believe in a system that has failed them repeatedly. It can’t be right for the council to be overseeing the redress. Nowhere else has this happened. We don’t believe in the legitimacy of the scheme.”
Lambeth is the first council in the country to have developed this type of scheme and others may follow suit.
It persuaded the Government to let it borrow the money so it does not have to increase council tax to pay for it.
Read More
Child sex abuse probe in chaos as victims' group says investigation is being 'stalled and covered up'
Lib Peck, leader of Lambeth, said survivors had been “very badly let down” in the past and had waited too long for redress. Many were now elderly.
“Terrible abuse occurred at Lambeth children’s homes prior to their closure in the Eighties and Nineties and for many the trauma suffered by survivors lives on to this day,” she said.
“As the current leader of Lambeth council I make a full and genuine apology for the abuse people suffered due to historic failings in the care system.”

The Mirror revealed in a string of front page stories from March 2013 how child sexual abuse in Lambeth homes was covered up.
An explosive report by the survivors’ association last year uncovered widespread abuse of at least 700 children over a 30-year period at the Croydon home.
It included testimony from 40 people who said they were abused by a paedophile ring including council staff, police officers and teachers.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch

The slaughter continues on the streets of Britain.

Murder probe after man is stabbed to death in west London

John Dunne
Justin davenport
20 minutes ago
The Evening Standard

Police investigate the fatal stabbing in Perivale Nigel Howard
Detectives launched a murder investigation today after a young man was stabbed to death after a row in an off-licence.
Police were called to a parade of shops in a residential street in Perivale, west London, at 8.13pm last night after reports of a stabbing.
They found a man aged 23 at the scene suffering from a stab wound to the chest. 

Witnesses told how paramedics, including a doctor from the London Air Ambulance, worked for up to an hour in a desperate bid to save him.
The 23-year-old was taken to hospital but died at 10.25pm. 
It is understood the victim was stabbed in an off-licence on Bilton Road and then collapsed on the pavement after staggering out of the shop.

Patricia Hidalgo said: “He was laying on the ground and the paramedics were working on him for about an hour. It was really horrible to see. I could not see him moving, they were trying to desperately hard. 
“They just kept going, they did their best.”
A cordon remained in police around the shops on Bilton Road today as detectives scoured the area for clues. 
The victim was treated outside the home of Roshan Lal who described the scene as “horrific.”
He added: “I have lived here for 15 years but I had never seen anything like this. Guys hang around and have a drink but I have never seen violence like this here.”
Cafe owner Kenny Dodd said: “We are all a bit shocked. It’s not too bad around here. There are groups who hang around the shops to drink but no gangs as such.
“The first we knew was loads of police arriving on the scene. It was out of the blue really. There has been petty crime in the area and some street drinking but nothing like this.”
Police have been conducting door to door enquiries in the area to appeal for witnesses. 
Anyone with information should call police on 101 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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Re: Real Britain

confused of hornchurch
Benefits Britain.

Jailed: benefits cheat who defrauded 19 councils of £244,000 for luxury holidays

Chris Dyer
49 minutes ago

The Evening Standard

Tania Amisi, 27, has been jailed for four years
A benefits cheat who funded a “lavish” lifestyle of holidays and designer handbags with a £244,000 fraud on 19 councils has been jailed for four years. 
Tania Amisi, 27, spun a web of lies for six years to dupe local authorities into paying her housing and council benefits for homes she did not live in. 
The single mother of three was exposed in BBC programme Britain On The Fiddle in March, which looked at her luxury lifestyle and revealed she had £25,000 of designer handbags at two homes in Chelsea Harbour. 

She admitted three charges of fraud in January 2015 but fled and was convicted in her absence of 17 further offences. Southwark crown court heard that Amisi, pictured right, was arrested in Paris in July and sent back to the UK.
Jailing her yesterday, Judge Michael Grieve QC said:  “This was not a case of a person in dire financial straits submitting to temptation and making fraudulent claims to get by.
"You committed these offences to fund your very affluent lifestyle on holidays, restaurants and designer handbags… there’s very little evidence you have shown any remorse before you went to ground in Paris.”

The court heard Amisi had used the scam to receive £244,000 between 2008 and 2014, but a further £65,000 in benefits claims were rejected. 
Amisi admitted three counts of fraud by false representation and an offence of skipping bail. She was also found guilty of a further 17 charges of fraud.
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Re: Real Britain

How about a certain silly old sod who allegedly runs Havering council?
In three years he's taken about £180,000 in allowances and the borough continues to go down the pan year after year.
Oh but his is allegedly legitimate allowances!
Yeah right!
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Re: Real Britain

Michael Towner
Banned User
His allowances are clearly not performance-related!
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Re: Real Britain

'Course not Michael if they were he'd owe the council tax payer about 20 times his allowances.
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Re: Real Britain

Michael Towner
Banned User
What does he do for a living apart from talking bollocks in the Town Hall? I hear he's a legal clerk of sorts.
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