Cllr Roger Ramsey Volunteered Havering For Tri Borough Policing ! The Labour Group Welcomed It!

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Cllr Roger Ramsey Volunteered Havering For Tri Borough Policing ! The Labour Group Welcomed It!

Lorraine Moss
Council, 22 March 2017 B SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAMS AND NEW POLICING MODEL Motion on behalf of the Independent Residents’ Group

The Council Leader volunteered Havering to pioneer a Tri-borough police merger with Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham, rather than await the outcome of a reorganisation elsewhere in London. The reorganisation like the Newham merger, will be difficult to reverse even if further mergers are not progressed across London. The Council Leader says being a pioneer has advantages because the reorganisation includes strengthened Safer Neighbourhood Teams with designated ward officers! Nevertheless Council calls on the Executive not to support the Tri-borough without guarantees that SNT designated ward officers won’t be re-designated response officers and sent to police events outside the borough.

 Amendment by the Conservative Group Amend to read:

This Council thanks the Borough Commander for the thorough and informative briefing to members of the Council given on the 20th February about the Tri-borough policing pilot involving Havering Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham and his offer of a follow up session before the pilot concludes and notes that: • it is one of two pilot schemes for a programme to be rolled out across the whole of Greater London • the Metropolitan Police identified our three boroughs for one of the pilots • it Is reversible • it gives the opportunity to focus on the policing needs of the Borough • it provides the ability to influence the eventual shape of the London-wide scheme.

 Amendment by the Labour Group

Delete the motion and replace with the following: This Council welcomes the Metropolitan Police Service initiative promoting cross Borough cooperation recognising the benefits to London wide policing to reduce and prevent fraud, cyber crime and terrorism. It also welcomes the commitment of the Mayor and the MPS to real neighbourhood policing with stronger Safer Neighbourhood Teams which should remain a top priority in Havering.
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